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Medication Management

Medication management includes prescribing and monitoring psychotropic medications in assisting clients to achieve fulfillment in their mental health. Medications are sometimes used to support other strategies (therapy), or to provide faster relief of distressing symptoms, with the goal of discontinuing medications once clients have established healthier coping skills and made appropriate lifestyle changes. In addition to medication, we also may incorporate diet, sleep, or exercise recommendations, in addition to encouraging alternative approaches such as meditation and mindfulness.
Whether you are currently on psychiatric medication, have recently started on it, or want to taper off medication, we will work together to create a thorough and individualized treatment plan for you to feel better and be your best self.
We will spend the first part of the session exploring “why now”? What was your path before coming and what led you to coming in to speak with me? I want to know what your goals are, what your hopes are for this session and for working together. We will go over symptoms such as feeling down, hard to get out of bed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious. We rule out what factors could be from stress going on in life, genetics or family history, and stressors in your life.
We will spend the last portion of the session on understanding what options there are for treatment.

What is Psychiatric Medication Management?

Psychiatric medication management is the process of working with a psychiatrist or psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to ensure that your psychiatric medications are effective and safe. This may include changing doses, switching medications, or adding new drugs.

It is essential to have regular Psychiatric Medication Management appointments because mental health conditions can change over time. Medications that were once effective may become less so or may cause new side effects.

During a Psychiatric Medication Management appointment, your mental health provider will ask about your symptoms, how your medications are working, and any side effects you may be experiencing. They will then make recommendations about changes to your mental health medication list.

Suppose you have never been on psychiatric medication before. In that case, your provider may prescribe a “trial and error” period where you will try different psychiatric drugs at different doses to see what works best for you. This process can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that every person’s experience with mental illness and medication is unique.

If you have any questions or concerns about your medication, bring them up at your next Psychiatric Medication Management appointment.

Who Should Consider Psychiatric Medication Management?

If you are taking psychiatric meds or are considering starting psychiatric medication, you should consider psychiatric medicine management.

Psychiatric medication can be an important part of treatment for many mental health conditions, but it is not always necessary. Some people with mental illness find that therapy, self-care, and support from loved ones are enough to manage their symptoms.

Others find that psychiatric medication is necessary to help them function and feel well. If you are considering starting medication or are not sure if your current medication is working, psychiatric medication management can help.

Who Is Licensed To Provide Psychiatric Pharmacology?

Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are the only mental health professionals licensed to prescribe psychiatric medication. Therefore, if you are considering starting medication, it is crucial to see a provider, such as the professionals at Mental Wellness For Life.

Common Psychiatric Drugs

There are many different types of psychiatric drugs, and each one is used to treat different mental health conditions. Some of the most common psychiatric drugs/mental health medications include:

Antidepressants: These drugs treat depression, anxiety, and some other mental health conditions. Common antidepressants include Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil.

Mood Stabilizers: These drugs treat bipolar disorder and some other mental health conditions. Common mood stabilizers include Lithium, Depakote, and Tegretol.

Anti-Anxiety Medications: These drugs treat anxiety and some other mental health conditions. Common anti-anxiety medications include Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan.

Psychotic Medications: These drugs treat psychosis and some other mental health conditions. Common psychotic medications include Thorazine, Haldol, and Risperdal.

Remember, this is just a small sample of the different types of psychiatric medication that are available. If you have any questions about psychiatric medication, be sure to ask your mental health provider.

Telehealth Medication Management

At Mental Wellness For Life, we understand that life is busy, and it can be challenging to make time for in-person appointments. That’s why we offer telehealth medication management services.

With telehealth medication management, you can meet with your provider from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a webcam and an internet connection.

Telehealth medication management is a convenient way to get the care you need without taking time out of your busy schedule. To learn more about our telehealth services, contact us today.