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Integrative Services

Through integrative psychotherapeutic strategies, I will provide you with the tools and coping skills you need to process and alleviate stressors and optimize mental health. These strategies include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation. I’m trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and will incorporate this into my sessions. If you have an outside therapist, I will work collaboratively with your therapist to establish a treatment team approach to helping your symptoms.

We will spend the first part of the session exploring “why now”? What was your path before coming and what led you to coming in to speak with me? I want to know what your goals are, what your hopes are for this session and for working together. We will go over symptoms such as feeling down, hard to get out of bed, tired, overwhelmed, anxious. We rule out what factors could be from stress going on in life, genetics or family history, and stressors in your life.
We will spend the last portion of the session on understanding what options there are for treatment.

Clinic Overview

Our goal is to promote wellness and patient engagement and improve overall psychiatric outcomes.  The clinic optimizes well-being and quality of life by blending conventional Western medicine strategies with integrative medicine approaches to strengthen the natural healing capacities of the individual by promoting mind-body-spirit connections.  This is a patient-centered approach using targeted interventions. Treatments are tailored to individual preferences with assessments and recommendations of changes in nutrition, lifestyle choices, and supplement use will be based on the practices recommended by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health/National Institute of Health (NCCIH/NIH). Personalized assessments help track progress and provide measurable outcomes and results, enabling patients to live healthier lives and thrive.

Promoting Well-being

Well-being includes many things, but not limited to: individual happiness, fulfilment, resilience, health, autonomy, social connectedness, meaning, and purpose.  Well-being can emerge from thoughts, actions, and experiences,  some of which we have control over.  This clinic will teach skills to empower individuals to improve their own well-being, develop self-awareness, and commit themselves to self-exploration and self-development.

What is Integrative Psychiatry?

Integrative psychiatry is a holistic, patient-focused approach to health and wellness that aims to rebalance mental, emotional, functional, spiritual, social, and community functioning. “Conventional or “Western” medicine refers to the use of medications, traditional medical therapies, or surgery to treat symptoms and diseases.   Integrative psychiatry combines medications, psychotherapy, lifestyle interventions, and a range of complementary and alternative therapies to understand and treat illnesses and optimize health.

Although people often use “alternative” and “complementary” interchangeably, the terms differ: “complementary” refers to a therapy used together with conventional medicine; “alternative” refers to a therapy used in place of conventional medicine.  Our emphasis is on complementary and integrative approaches to promote wellbeing and optimize individual functioning.